Career Profile

Software developer for 20 years, I am a curious person, eager to learn new things. Having done a lot of Java development, I have also created and publish iOS applications and PHP backend. I am highly proficient in heavy traffic API optimisation and everything related to backend development. I have a deep knowledge of public cloud solutions like AWS and GCP but also docker solutions with Rancher. At the moment, I am looking to join a team to invest myself in a product with big technical challenges.


Software Architect

2019 - Present
Orange, Lannion

Software Architect

2016 - 2019
Apizee, Lannion

I managed the migration of a PHP framework and removed symfony 2 to use Laravel 5. We also changed the hosting solution in order to use a private cloud base on VMWare solution in good practice in terms of security (VLAN, VPN, firewall…). As a Scrum master, I work with our Product manager to organise all sprint tasks. For 1 year I specifically worked on simplifying the deployment of the Apizee platform. Some clients refused to use the SAAS platform to isolate their data. To better protect our client data we deployed the Apizee services on their servers. To increase efficiency we used Rancher UI to orchestrate Docker images. All of our services deploy within 10 minutes using this system.

  • PHP, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, socketIO, Laravel 5, Docker, Rancher, Gitlab


2013 - 2016
Sushee, Lannion

I created a video game company with my friend and associates at Sushee. At the beginning Sushee developed small web games in HTML5 for brands like Hollywood or Oasis. Within 2 years we hired 7 people and with this team we worked on our game which was called Goetia. I managed the developers team and developed the link with steam API. The indie game team of Square Enix showed interest in our game and decided to become our publisher. Goetia can be downloaded on Steam and

  • PHP, PostgreSQL, Laravel 5, Docker, HTML5, Steam


2012 - 2016
Apptom, Lannion

I assisted companies to migrate infrastructure on public cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services or Google App Engine. I developed scalable chat service in PHP that can add servers on runtime if traffic increases with AWS Beanstalk solution. I also created a service on the first version of PHP Google App Engine to manage a “Question / Answer” web service.

  • PHP, AWS, Codeigniter

Software Developer

2012 - 2016
Orange, Lannion

I participated in developing a JEE project that managed alerts for emergency services. We used EJB (session and entity) for backend and struts framework for frontend. To accelerate the development, we created an MDA solution (Model Driven Architecture). Based on the UML model we generated code for all EJB structure. We created two patents for this project (FR2890204A1, EP1630761A1)

With the same MDA framework we created a machine to machine middleware. I worked on the architecture. I specifically developed all asynchrone message management and all connectors to other Orange services. We also started to use SCRUM at this period.

After this I joined the client relation team. I learned iOS development and published the first version of “Orange and Me” for Switzerland. This application informs clients about their consumption.

  • JAVA, EJB, Struts, SCRUM, MDA, iOS, xCode, Objective-C

Skills & Proficiency

Java, Spring

Golang, Gin Gonic

PHP, Laravel


Javascript, Node.js