Career Profile

Experienced Software Engineer with a versatile skill set spanning Java, PHP, and expertise in the Stable Diffusion library for image generation. Proficient in designing and implementing microservice architectures, managing CI/CD pipelines, and adapting code for PAAS services. Involved in the ONAP open-source project, revolutionizing 5G network lifecycle management. Skilled in coaching and mentoring apprentices and trainees, while also contributing to patent filings in various fields such as blockchain technology.

Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered high-quality solutions, filed patents, and embraced new technologies. My passion for impactful projects and commitment to excellence make me a valuable asset in the tech industry. I am eager to leverage my experiences to drive innovation and create transformative solutions for cutting-edge ventures.


Software Engineer

2022 - now, Full remote

I am an experienced developer with expertise in Java for web crawling, PHP for web portal development, and a solid background in working on an image generation service using the Stable Diffusion library. My proficiency in implementing web crawling algorithms allows me to efficiently gather data from diverse sources, while my skills in PHP enable me to create user-friendly web portals. Throughout my career, I have remained dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions and staying abreast of the latest web development technologies. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my experiences to contribute to impactful projects in the tech industry.

About technologies :

  • Java, Spring boot
  • PHP, Laravel
  • PostgreSQL
  • GCP
  • Stable Diffusion, AI

Software Architect

2019 - 2022
Orange, Lannion

First telecom operator in France, I worked for the R&D department.

  • Design and build microservice architecture for different enterprise services in a high asynchronous environment
  • Manage CI/CD and build chain
  • Adapt code for PAAS services.
  • Participated in the ONAP open source project which allows, among other things, a complete management of the life cycle of 5G networks.
  • Coaching and supervising apprentices / trainees
  • Filed a patent on blockchain technology

About technologies :

  • Java, Golang
  • MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Docker, Openshift, Cloud Foundry
  • Gitlab CI

Software Architect

2016 - 2019
Apizee, Lannion

Apizee proposes a WebRTC solution for video calls on the web without any plugin. Create a web conference in one click with Izeeconf.

  • Managed the migration of a PHP framework and removed symfony 2 to use Laravel 5
  • Changed the hosting solution in order to use a private cloud base on VMWare solution in good practice in terms of security (VLAN, VPN, firewall…)
  • As a Scrum master, I worked with our Product manager to organise all sprint tasks
  • Simplified the deployment of the Apizee platform. We used Rancher UI to orchestrate Docker images. All of our services deploy within 10 minutes using client servers About technologies :
  • PHP, Laravel
  • PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Docker, Rancher


2013 - 2016
Sushee, Lannion

We created a video game company with my friend and associates at Sushee. At the beginning Sushee developed small web games in HTML5 for brands like Hollywood or Oasis. Within 2 years we hired 7 people and with this team we worked on our game which was called Goetia. The indie game team of Square Enix showed interest in our game and decided to become our publisher. Goetia can be downloaded on Steam and

  • Managed the developers team
  • Developed the link with steam API..
  • Developed and deployed all backend for all our games

About technologies :

  • PHP, C#
  • Mysql
  • OVH, GAE


2012 - 2016
Apptom, Lannion

Supported companies in migrating their infrastructure to public cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services or Google.

  • Audit to optimise response time for a website
  • Developed a scalable chat service
  • Created a service on the first version of PHP Google App Engine to manage a “Question / Answer” web service

About technologies :

  • PHP, Java
  • Mysql
  • AWS EC2, Beanstalk, RDS

Software Developer

2003 - 2012
Orange, Lannion

First telecom operator in France, I worked for the R&D department

  • Developed a JEE project that managed alerts for emergency services
  • Created an MDA solution (Model Driven Architecture) based on UML model
  • Filed two patents (FR2890204A1, EP1630761A1)
  • Created a machine to machine middleware. I worked on the architecture and specifically developed all asynchrone message management and all connectors to other Orange services.
  • Started to use SCRUM methodologies
  • Developed and published the first version of “Orange and Me” for Switzerland. This application informs clients about their consumption.

About technologies :

  • Java, Struts, EJB, Objective-C
  • Mysql
  • MDA


DevFest Perros Guirec - 2023 - DevFest in Perros Guirec around AI.
DevFest Perros Guirec - 2022 - DevFest in Perros Guirec around Green IT. We welcomed 230 people
DevFest Perros Guirec - 2021 - DevFest in Perros Guirec around cybersecurity. We welcomed 130 people
DevFest Brest - 2019/2020 - We organized 2 Devfest in Brest with 350 participants
Code d'Armor - since 2012 - We have created a group of developers who organize a technical conference once a month. in almost 10 years we have organized about 80 conferences


Java, Spring

PHP, Laravel

Golang, Gin Gonic

OpenShift, GCP